CE marking and DoP (declaration of performance)

CE marking and DoP

CE marking and the declaration of performance (DoP) are mandatory for all construction products covered by a harmonised product standard or by a European Technical Assessment. 

Information on the CE marking

What kind of information needs to be mentionned in the CE marking is described in Article 9.2 CPR. The CE marking is applied on the construction product. If the manufacturer is unable to place all the information required for the CE marking on the construction product or packaging itself, the CE marking must be applied to an accompanying document (Article 9 of the Construction Products Regulation). In this case, it can be combined with the DoP (declaration of performance).

The CE marking shall always refer to the reference nubmber of the Declaration of Performance. 

Language requirement CE marking

There are no language requirements for the CE marking. This is because the CE marking is applied by manufacturers on the construction products, which can be sold across borders in all EU/EEA states. This explains also why you have two sets of documentation requirement: the CE marking and the Declaration of Performance with contains pretty much the same information.

DoP (declaration of performance)

There is a template ad guidelines for drawing the DoP (declaration of performance). 

The DoP must either: 

  • Accompany the construction product as hard copy
  • Accompany the construction product electronically (as an attachment to an email or by means of documentation solutions such as NOBB or productXchange, for example)
  • Be published on a website that manufacturers referred to

If the manufacturer applies a QR code to the construction product with a link to the declaration of performance, purchasers can view the declaration of performance immediately. This means that the declaration of performance is, in a way, supplied with the construction product. The manufacturer can also publish the declaration of performance on a website. The manufacturer must then provide information on where the declaration of performance can be downloaded. Information will normally be provided on the CE label.


Language requirement DoP (declaration of performance)


Products sold on the Norwegian market shall be in Norwegian, Swedish or danish.