Cumulative AVCP systems

Several systems for one construction product

Several AVCP systems may be applicable to one construction product. There may be three main reasons for this:   

  • A construction product can have different applications. Example: NS-EN 13830 for curtain walling.
  • A construction product can have different types of, and hence different systems for assessment and verification. 
  • A construction product can have certain performances, and some of those may be subject to a specific AVCP-system (a certain fire classification, for example). In this case, only the specific property is subject to stricter system.


  • NS-EN 15014 Plastics piping systems - Buried and above ground systems for water and other fluids under pressure - Performance characteristics for pipes, fittings and their joints
  • NS-EN 858-1:2002 Separator systems for light liquids (e.g. oil and petrol) - Part 1:  Principles of product design, performance and testing, marking and quality control