Dangerous substances

Information about dangerous substances is very important

A number of construction products contain dangerous substances. It is possible to find brominated flame retardants in building boards, wall panels and insulation materials. It is possible to find Bisphenol A in adhesives, sealants, outdoor paint, windows and doors.

 Manufacturers must provide users with information on the content of dangerous substances if the concentration of dangerous substances in construction products exceeds a certain level, cf. the REACH Regulation and the Construction products Regulation. How do manufacturers do this?

It is important to differentiate between substances/mixtures of substances and other construction products.

Manufacturers have to prepare safety data sheets for substances/mixtures (such as paint, adhesive, lacquer)

Manufacturers must also provide information on the content of dangerous substances for other solid construction products (windows, building boards, impregnated timber), which contain hazardous substances.

No format is specified for this, unlike substances/mixtures for which manufacturers have to draw safety data sheets. It is up to the manufacturer to determine how to specify the content of dangerous substances.