Design - Eurocodes


The EU has introduced common European design standards for structures, known as Eurocodes. These Eurocodes provide common European design rules and a collective understanding of documentation concerning the load-bearing capacity/strength of construction products. Eurocodes assume the use of harmonised product standards.


Eurocode NS-EN 1995 (Design of timber structures)

Eurocode NS-EN 1995 refers to the harmonised product standard NS-EN 13986 Wood-based panels for use in construction. This production standard must form the basis for documentation of the performances for these panels.

Eurocode NS-EN 1992 (Design of concrete structures).

 Eurocode NS-EN 1992 refers to the product standard NS-EN 206 for concrete (Concrete - Part 1: Specification, performance, production and conformity. The product standard NS-EN 206 must therefore be the basis for design and execution of concrete structures. NS-EN 206 also has national annexes, which must be followed.

 Be aware that safety is dependent on climatic and geographic geographical conditions. Each individual European country has the opportunity to use national supplements.

 In Norway, the Norwegian national annexes (NA) must be used. This means that the implementation and materials specified in Eurocodes, and any national annexes, must be followed.