Difference between the sale and the use of construction products

Crucial difference

All stakeholders must be clear about the fact that not all construction products sold on the EEA market can be used in Norwegian construction works.

 This means that stakeholders using construction products must check whether the performances of construction products are sufficient to allow structures to meet the technical requirements of TEK 10.

 This is because there are two types of rule: 

  • On the one hand, there are rules on how the performances of construction products are to be documented (rules for the sale of construction products formulated at a European level).
  • On the other hand, there are technical requirements for structures (formulated at a national level). This means that construction products, which have documented performances, cannot necessarily be used in Norwegian structures. Therefore, it is necessary always to check whether construction products have performances, which allow them to be used in Norwegian structures.


Doors and hatches must have the same fire resistance as the structure which they are located and be of class Sa, unless exceptions are specified in the guidelines to TEK 10. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether doors and hatches have the correct fire resistance for use in Norwegian structures.

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