How to document the performances of construction products?

Mandatory and voluntary CE marking

There are two ways to document the performances of  CE marked construction products

1. Mandatory CE marking

2. Voluntary CE marking

Mandatory CE marking

CE marking is mandatory for all construction products for which a harmonised product standard exists (see next section mandatory CE marking).

A harmonised product standard is a standard developed by European standardisation organisation (CEN/CENELEC) pursuant to a mandate from the European Commission with respect to the CE marking of construction products. These harmonised product standards set therefore requirements and test methods to assess the performances of construction products covered by the scope of these harmonised products standads. Use our "Search for applicable standards" function to check whether or not a construction product is covered by a harmonised product standard. 

The fact that a construction product is CE-marked does not automatically mean that CE-marked construction products can be used in Norwegian construction works. 

Voluntary CE marking

For construction products not covered by harmonised product standards, the manufacturer can decide to apply CE marking to their construction products by acquiring a European technical assessment. This is voluntary. In other words, there is no obligation to apply CE marking to construction products, which are not covered by harmonised product standards. However, CE marking has clear advantages, especially it confirms that a construction products fulfils the requirement of the construction product regulation and therefore can be sold in every single European country. 

A European technical assessment is an assessment carried out by a TAB (technical assessmeny body) of the characteristics and performance of a construction product in comparison with a general European technical specification, known as a European assessment document (EAD, formerly ETAG). ETAGs developed under the Construction products Directive can be used as European assessment documents.

 European technical assessments can only be issued by technical assessment bodies (TAB), designated by national authorities. In Norway, the Norwegian Building Authority is responsible for the appointment of technical assessment bodies, as delegated by the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation.

 The list of all the TABs is available in the NANDO-base, website driven by the European Commission.