For non CE marked construction products

In Norway, the AVCP systems are applicable for all construction products

For construction products not bearing the CE marking, manufacturers who would like to sell their construction products in Norway must use the system for assessment and verification applicable to the group of construction products it belongs too and where the European Commission has already decided which system is applicable.

By using the search function for AVCP-systems you could find out which systems does apply to your construction products.



A factory manufactures prefabricated timber building modules. The manufacturer can opt to acquire a European technical assessment in order to document the performances of this building module through CE marking. However, this is voluntary. The manufacturer can opt not to do this. Even so, the manufacturer needs to have a product certification from an accredited product certification body, as prefabricated timber building modules belong under system 1 (cf. ETAG 007) and Decision 99/455/EC.