The role of the notified bodies

Notified bodies designated in NANDO-base

Notified bodies

Only notified bodies designated as such can carry iout third-party assessments. Each EEA-state designates notified bodies at national level after having certified that they meet certain requirements in terms of expertise and impartiality.

 In Norway, the Norwegian Building Authority is responsible for the designation of notified bodies in the field of construction products. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Kontrollrådet, the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology, Nemko, SP Fire research, DNV GL, Technological Institute are appointed as notified bodies in Norway in compliance with the Construction products Regulation.

Notified bodies are not designated to perform tasks for all product categories or all harmonised product standards in each product category. Their designations are limited to the areas in which they have sufficient expertise. In practice, this means that the appointment of notified bodies is limited to certain harmonised product standards and/or certain European assessment documents. 

Information about notified bodies in the product documentation

Both the declaration of performance and the CE marking should indicate the identification number of the notidied body. The same rule applies for the labelling of construction products that are not CE-marked.

The identification number can be used for further search in the European NANDO base (which includes the list of all appointed technical inspection bodies in the EEA) and check whether the notify body is appointed for the right technical specification.

Reports and certificates issued by technical inspection bodies in other EEA countries are accepted on an equal footing with reports and certificates issued by Norwegian notified bodies. These reports do not have to be in Norwegian, but if the Norwegian Building Authority wishes to look more closely at these reports, they must be submitted in language which the Authority can easily understand, e.g. English.