Surveillance of construction products

Construction products which do not have sufficient documentation or which present a risk for health, safety and the environment must be removed from the market

The Norwegian Building Authority is the market surveillance authority for construction products in Norway. 

 Manufacturers, importers and distributors are target groups for supervision. If contractors import construction products on a construction site, they too may be considered as importers, and therefore be subject to supervision by the Authority. 

 The Authority may order these stakeholders to correct non-conformances, stop marketing and/or sale, withdraw materials from the market, and recall all defective construction products, which have already been placed on the market.

 The Authority may also impose fines and infringement penalties. 

 Inspection by the municipality

If construction products are already incorporated in construction works, the municipality will have the necessary reactions if products without the necessary documentation are built in.

 The municipality may order the removal of products from structures. The municipality may also withdraw responsibility if the companies responsible have failed to fulfil their function or failed to comply with orders from the municipality. The municipality may also refuse to issue a certificate of completion.

 Reporting to central approval

Use of unlawful construction products by companies having the central approval from the Norwegian Building Authority shall be notified to the Norwegian Building authority and ultimately may lead to the withdrawal of the central approval.