What kind of performances should the manufacturer declare?

The more the best

Serious manufacturers will generally declared as many performances as possible because they want the people who buy and use their construction products to be able to assess the performances of the construction products s. Strictly speaking, there is no requirement for manufacturers to specify all the performnces of a construction product. Manufacturers can sell a construction product as long as one performance is declared.

 Manufacturers must write down all the relevant essential characteristics of the construction prodicytswrite "NPD" (No Performance Determined) for the essential characteristics for which the manufacturer provides no performance. However, manufacturers are obliged to specify the performances expressed in terms of classes or thresholds in harmonised product standards or European assessment documents as long as there is a requirement in the Norwegian Building Regulation.

 Manufacturers must also declare the performances when the Building Regulation specifies requirements for the performances of a construction product.


The Building Regulation specifies fire classification requirements for doors in escape routes. This property must therefore be specified in the product documentation (declaration of performance, CE marking or documentation submitted with construction products that are not CE-marked).