Why should manufacturers document construction products?

Assess the performances of construction products before using it in construction works

Construction products are not end products. They will be incorporated in construction works. It is therefore crucial to know the peformances of construction products in order to ensure that construction works meet the technical requirements specified by the Building Code.

What is a construction product?

Not all products that are built in construction works. Two criteria must be met for products to be defined as construction products:

 1. The product must be permanently built into construction works. This is not an absolute requirement: windows and pipes may be replaced, but they are clear examples of construction products.

 2. The product must also influence the basic requirements of construction works, which are:

- Mechanical resistance and stability, 

- Fire safety,

- Hygiene, health and environment, 

- Safety and accessibility in use, 

- Protection against noise, 

- Energy saving and heat insulation, 

- Sustainability. 

How will I know whether a product is a construction product? You can use three tips:

  1.  If the product is covered by a harmonised product standard, there is no doubt that it is a construction product
  2.  If a product comes under one of the product groups from the Construction products Regulation (or so called mandates), the product will be defined as a construction product.
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